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2016-08-26 "DSA-3654 quagga - security update"

2016-08-26 RT @jbfavre: Putting the ‘Ops’ Back in DevOps #RSS

2016-08-26 RT @grafana: Tomorrow: Learn about the new features of @Grafana in: Grafana Master Class w/ @CarlBergquist #PromCon16

2016-08-26 @floheac @libfy #FFback

2016-08-26 "Quick Tip: Copy Mac Screenshots Directly to the Clipboard"

2016-08-26 "Monitoring the Search Queries" #tech #feedly

2016-08-26 "DSA-3651 rails - security update" #linux #feedly

2016-08-26 "Serverless Elasticsearch Curator on AWS Lambda" #tech #feedly

2016-08-25 RT @pypi_updates2: protobix 1.0.0a1: Implementation of Zabbix Sender protocol

2016-08-25 RT @zabbix: First beta of Zabbix 3.2.0 is available for early preview! It comes with support of nested host groups and more!

2016-08-25 RT @SecurityWeek: Flaws Allow Attackers to Hijack #VMware vRA Appliances

2016-08-25 RT @SecurityWeek: Hackers Steal 25 Million Accounts From Mail.Ru Domains

2016-08-25 RT @SecurityWeek: #Cisco Updates ASA Software to Address NSA-Linked Exploit #netsec

2016-08-25 RT @DevOpsGuys: These are the best practices for DDoS from #DevOpsGuys #WhitePaper

2016-08-24 RT @jbfavre: The SWEET32 Issue, CVE-2016-2183 #RSS #OpenSSL

2016-08-24 RT @zabbix: In this Newsletter: On the road to Zabbix 3.2, uniting our community and new Zabbix book:

2016-08-24 RT @awscloud: Need to justify your trip to #reInvent 2016? Use our customizable email 📧 template to help! https://t…

2016-08-23 "Brewing in Beat: New Beats dashboards management"

2016-08-23 "This Week in Elasticsearch and Apache Lucene - 2016-08-22"

2016-08-22 RT @GPGTools: Our website hoster is under DDOS attack. We hope to be back soon. Currently, this problem concerns visitors from outside the…

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Latest Debian Security Update


security update

Debian Security - 26/08/2016


security update

Debian Security - 25/08/2016


security update

Debian Security - 25/08/2016


security update

Debian Security - 25/08/2016

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Slack offers persistent chat rooms organized by topic, as well as private groups and direct messaging. All content inside Slack is searchable, including files, conversations, and people.

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Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world. With data center locations in the U.S., Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Japan, Australia and China.

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